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The operationally active individuals have been successful in the football market for 20 years and have been key partners with major international agencies in the past.

Internationally renowned football players as well as football clubs from the top 6 leagues in Europe are among our clients.

Ideally, we accompany the athlete throughout their entire career, but we are also very successful as intermediaries between football clubs to successfully realize transfers. You can learn more at any time in a personal conversation.

Exclusive boutique player agencies are the new trend in the world of sports agencies. Less is more, and this applies to the player agency industry as well. We are faster, more agile, and more individual than the big agencies that don’t grow organically but rely solely on acquisitions. This leads to problems, and the client ends up paying the price. The results are dissatisfied players and clubs.

Why? Because small player agencies can cater more individually to their clients than large agencies where the client is just a ‘number.’ Boutique agencies prioritize personal contact, and player support is tailored to individual needs. Large agencies, on the other hand, often have many players in their portfolio, making personalized care more challenging. Players often believe that a seemingly large agency externally can better help them secure the desired contract. It’s a widespread misconception.

We understand the challenges and opportunities posed by sports and entertainment companies, and the importance of technology in unlocking the latent value of the industry and its key stakeholders – the fans.

We collaborate with private and institutional investors to develop a customized approach tailored to their needs and make the right investment decisions.